Cloned credit cards and Western-Union transfers

Credit Cards
Western Union

Who is the CPW team ?

Hello, we are a group of professional hackers who were present and active on the old Nucleus and the market evolution until it was shutdown by the authorities. We had about 4500+ sales and we were still active as the best sellers on other active markets.

Our main goal is to make profit with you! Basically .. only win-win transactions !!


We're sorry for the sold out we faced since a lot of us went on holidays (Yes, we have friends and families .. and we can sometimes enjoy beers and barbecues etc.)

But now, we're back for business, the stocks are full, and we're more motivated than ever.


We sell cloned credit cards (we can make good prices if you buy 2 or more), mainly Visa or MasterCard.

All the credit cards are mainly Visa or Mastercard, our team is dispatched in several cities of Europe and we can easily have more than 100 cards per day, each card will be cloned only one time, therefore, we assure a minimum balance of 3'000 $ on each card.
All cards are verified before the sending and the PIN code will be delivered with the card.

We have never had a bad experience with our clients but since we can't predict the unwelcome surprises, we are willing to refund in full or send another card if you face a failure.
Once you purchase your item, we will send you a complete guide on how to cash-out safely.

The cards can be used all over the world:



We use a bunch of powerful computers combined to a technical hacking trick and a strong botnet.
Once the system is launched .. we can reach the database servers and change the information of a Western Union MTCN (the code you need to get your money) and thus, redirect any payment on any name of our choice.

So we simply change the receiver's name and country, and place yours instead.

This is the perfect way to make big money instantly, anywhere in the world where the WU service is active.

Since we can't control the transfers of the day, our rates for this service are based on the different amounts that we find in the system when you contact us.
But to give you an idea, you can find our "indicative" prices, in the section 'Prices' .

Once you pay us, you have to send us your full name + country (encrypted message only) and then the operation takes 1 to 2 hours maximum.

So 2 hours is all you need to get your MTCN Code and then you can pick up funds from any Western Union store of your country.

We are professionals, we are here to do business.

And for those who are asking : "Why should I trust them ?"

You don't have to trust us, in fact we recommend you to don't contact us if you don't have a little bit of experience on the darknet !

If we don't use our own services for ourselves, it's because we don't want to take the risk of cashing out more than 100 cards per day or redirect western union transfers to our own names ... and even less in the cities where we live.

We recommend you to encrypt your messages using PGP, ONLY when you send email with HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFORMATIONS.
We won't answer the encrypted messages without any sensitive information.

CONTACT US : cpwbusiness@sigaint.org